Friday, October 14, 2016

Investing Update 10/14/2016

Hello and welcome to my weekly investing update!

General Updates

I did not following stocks that closely this week. I didn't feel confident I could add a ton of money to my portfolio this week, so that was one of the reasons for my lack of attention to the market.

New Stock

I bought another share of Ford (F) stock this week! I talked earlier this week about whether I wanted to keep Ford or sell my shares. You might think that by buying another share of Ford that I've decided to keep it and not sell. I'm still deciding. The stock price went down, so I bought another share and averaged down. Whether I sell or keep the stocks, buying when the price goes down is good. The only time it's bad is if the stock keeps going down forever.

I bought another share of Ford for $11.97 and I now have 3 shares of Ford.

F - ($0.15 x 4 payments/year) / $13.01 average purchase price = 4.61% yield - good!


I received two dividends this past week -

10/11/2016DDR Corp.DDR$0.38
10/14/2016Whole FoodsWFM$0.41

Let's look at my dividend yields for these stocks

  • DDR - ($0.19 x 4 payments/year) / $18.04 average purchase price = 4.21% yield - good!
  • WFM ($0.135 x 4 payments/year) / $30.33 average purchase price = 1.78% yield - eh.....

Year-To-Date Update

1/1/201610/14/2016Change since Jan 1stAverage/Week
Robinhood Portfolio Value$607.87$1,859.38$1,251.51
Money from my pocket$550.00$1,642.00$1,092.00$27.11
Gains/Realized & Unrealized$48.08$172.65$124.57

Robinhood Portfolio Value = (Money from my pocket) + (Dividends) + (Gains/Realized & Unrealized)

2016 Investing Missions

2016 MissionAmount I haveAmount Needed% Complete
Old Brokerage Dividends$6.90
Robinhood App Dividends$34.94
2016 Dividends Received$41.84$75.0055.79%
Purchase 25 Dividend Stocks3025120.00%
2016 Calendar Year28236677.05%

You can click on the investing tab or here to see what stocks I currently have in my Robinhood portfolio.



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