Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Friend Missing from Snapchat

I messaged my friend yesterday and asked "Did you delete Snapchat?". My friend, we'll call him Kylo Ren, responded that they took me off Snapchat because one of my other friends, we'll call him Finn, was being rude to them. Finn jokes around and was sending rude snaps to Kylo Ren saying that Finn and I are better friends than Kylo Ren and I are. I guess this struck a chord with Kylo Ren and he took me off Snapchat. The intent wasn't malicious, but the impact had an effect. 

It took me a little while to realize that Kylo Ren wasn't on Snapchat anymore, and after reflecting on it, it was kind of nice. Kylo Ren was a close from from college, and we no longer live by each other. Whenever I talk to Kylo Ren, I think of the past and about things I never got to do. Kylo Ren is very successful at his job, is practically engaged, and can grow a nicer beard than me (Yes, I'm comparing myself to him). When I talk to him, I think I subconsciously feel worse about myself and I also think about the past when we were at college together. Not having him on Snapchat removed seeing pictures and videos of things that bring me down and/or remind me of the past. 

Is it great that I can keep in touch with old friends through social media? Yes. Is it great that this contact is keeping me in the past and making me sad? No. 

Kylo Ren and I are friends on Snapchat again, but it made me start thinking about avenues to limit my time spent on seeing social media posts from people I no longer live by. I really wish Google+ would have worked out, because the "circles" feature would have been great for times like this. 



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