Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are you staying in my portfolio or nah?

One of my investing Missions this week was to see if a few stocks are going to stay in my Robinhood portfolio for the long term. I've mostly been thinking about selling Ford (F) and US Bancorp (USB - Essentially US Bank as far as I can tell).

My Ford stock hasn't gone up and I don't know if it will any time soon. Now Mitch, aren't you concern with dividend-paying stocks? Yes. BUT, if Ford keeps continuing to go down in share price, that's not a good sign. I'm also not sure if Ford can keep up with all of the changes going on in the auto-industry: self-driving cars, ride-sharing (Uber/Lyft), and electric cars. I feel like Ford used to be very innovative and maybe just got complacent and stopped innovating. I feel like Tesla shouldn't even be around if the traditional car companies had continued to innovate and improve their vehicles. So those are some of my reasons for potentially dumping Ford.

As far as US Bancorp goes, I'm just not thrilled with investing in a big bank. I'm not a fan of big banks, especially Wells Fargo (they wouldn't work with me when my house wouldn't sell and I ended up getting foreclosed). I do live in Minnesota, and US Bank is based out of Minnesota. They also sponsored the new Vikings stadium, which is decently cool.

I was looking at the sustainability pages for both Ford and US Bancorp. Both sites look pretty good, with a lot of numbers and information on current and future progress. I want to be clear though, it's my OPINION that most companies promote sustainability because it looks good. At my old job, it cost us money to do a recycling programs, but it made the company look good. Below is information from both companies' websites.

US Bancorp -

Ford -

I'm decently happy with the information on the sustainability efforts. I'll need to do some stock analysis and I'll make my final decision if I'm going to keep or sell Ford and US Bancorp stocks.



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