Thursday, September 22, 2016

What if we just slept?

What if we went to sleep at a consistent time every night?

What if we put our phones down while laying in bed, instead of scrolling through our feeds?

What if we interrupted our friends while they were talking, and said "Hey, I gotta go." ?

What if we paused our YouTube videos and Netflix shows, and waited to finish them until the next day?

What if we hung out with our friends earlier on the weekends and still went to sleep at a decent time?

I know the statistics on how much sleep we need. I know I should be going to sleep earlier. But I don't actually do these things.

What if I just did it. What if at 10:00 PM, I just went to sleep every night? What if at 9:30 PM, regardless of what I was doing, I started making efforts to be in bed by 10? (Granted, I don't have kids, which I realize can throw a wrench in having a normal schedule.)

Would the benefits of sleep outweigh the tasks/little things I didn't finish at night? Am I actually productive at night? I don't know, probably not.

I guess I'm just thinking about if we just went to sleep at a decent time. I'm thinking about if we had the mental determination and mental motivation to stay consistent?



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