Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September is Always a Blur...

It's dark out now by 8 P.M. Some trees are starting to turn orange and red. It's a little bit cooler at night now. Fall is coming, and plenty of people are thrilled by this. I am not one of those people. I can't help but think about how fall leads into winter, and winter is usually pretty miserable. I will say that I had a great fall last year, so many my opinion will slowly change. 

The past few weeks have been flying by and it seems the first week of September always goes super fast. I guess I'm just reflecting on how fast time is moving. Enjoy the time that you have!

This week I'm working on throwing stuff out. Even stuff that I have sentimental attachments to. I just want to be rid of the clutter. It really is time to get rid of it. What's the difference this time? It's that I've lived in my apartment for over a year now. Stuff that I haven't used, I clearly don't need. 

I'm also eating clean now. No pop, so super sweets, no eating way over my calorie limit for the day. I always thought by now I'd be in good shape. At this rate, I'm never going to be. I hit a number on the scale today I'm not happy about and I need to quit pushing off getting my life together. 

What's the sustainable part about this change? The fact that I know better. Mind over matter. Pop is good and I drink it when I'm stressed, but I'll just need to drink water. What's sustainable about my decluttering? The fact that I want people to come over and hang out at my place. In the middle of typing this I've been getting up and throwing stuff away. 

This change will last. I just need to tell myself that and it'll happen.



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