Monday, September 12, 2016

General Updates 9/12/2016


It's the 12th already and stores are making it worse by already having Halloween stuff out. Here are some general updates-

Minimalism - Slowly but surely. Decluttering. Apartment should be "Friend Ready" in about 2 weeks.

Investing - Stocks went up today after dropping a lot on Friday. I didn't read any news about the market, just looked at my portfolio.

Technology - Reminder that you can use the site  to check if your account information has been leaked online from data breaches.

Conservation - ...... sorry.

Health - I haven't drank any pop since last Monday. I've been tracking my calories every day. I've been staying within my calorie budget aside from this past Friday night. I was starving and went over my calorie budget. I'm going to dedicate Tuesdays to weigh-in days. I hope tomorrow's number is good!

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