Saturday, September 3, 2016

Change Your Dropbox Password

I was very dumb and had not changed my Dropbox password for a long time. My account was one of the 68 million that was exposed due to Dropbox being hacked. The ONE smart thing I did was put 2-step verification on my Dropbox account. 

I can't tell if my Dropbox account had actually been logged in by someone else. I'm hoping that the 2-step verification was strong enough to keep someone out. I'll need to go through my Dropbox and look things over, along with removing anything that is too confidential. 

If you use Dropbox and haven't changed your password in a few years, I think you should. I think it'd be wise to also turn on 2-step verification! Here is a link for more info -

I'm trying not to overreact and take my information off the cloud. I'm going to dig into this problem a bit more and figure out more ways to be safe. 



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