Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Technology Missions Update

It's almost October, so I believe it's time to review where I'm at for my Missions. I'm also at the point where I might change/adjust my missions to still I'm going to start with my Technology Missions.

Technology -

  • Get a new phone. - This happened around June of this year. The context for this Mission was that up until this summer I was using a Samsung Galaxy S4, and the phone was becoming slow and the battery wasn't lasting too long. 

  • Help someone who isn't technologically savvy with computer/phone issues. - Accomplished Thursday, September 22nd. I was able to help someone with Microsoft Excel. Considering I used to spend 3+ hours/day on Excel, I'm glad I could put some of those skills to work. 

  • Regularly have 0 emails in my inbox. - Not happening, but I'm still going to keep this as a Mission. 

  • Check my phone 50 or fewer times throughout the day. - I'm going to change this. For the rest of the year, I'm going to go 1 hour a day without looking at my phone. I think detaching from my phone for a solid hour will be good and have the same benefits as the original Mission. 

  • Install/use/review a home automation or "Internet of Things" device. - I'm going to keep this Mission. This will probably happen around the holidays. 

So after a review of the Technology Missions -
  • 2 completed. 
  • 2 still going to happen
  • 1 changed, and going to happen. 


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