Monday, August 8, 2016

Tiny Homes

I saw an advertisement on my Facebook feed today for tiny homes on HGTV. I didn't like this, and HGTV talking about tiny homes seems to go against what I would consider the "movement" of tiny homes. People who want to live in tiny homes want simple lives, less clutter, the ability to travel, and/or not having to pay a huge mortgage.

A few years ago I was SUPER interested in tiny homes. I really, really wanted one. I wanted the small space, the cheapness, and a place to myself (this is when I was living with a roommate). HGTV has tons of shows with expensive and large houses that make people feel like their homes aren't good enough or adequate. It seems odd that now HGTV is talking about tiny homes, but I guess they have to stay current with what is popular.

Yes, I am on my soapbox right now. No, I have never seen the show. I don't want to watch the show. I loved researching tiny homes because it felt like an exclusive community of people breaking free from the constraints of having an expensive home. Now that HGTV is talking about it, it doesn't feel is exclusive.



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