Friday, August 5, 2016

I miss Dividend Mantra

I really miss reading a blog called Dividend Mantra. I'm not going to link the website, because I don't think it's worth going to anymore. It used to be a blog/site by a guy named Jason. For the last two months of Jason regularly posting, I was checking his site every day for a new post. I was looking forward to reading his posts for years to come and reading about his stocks, dividend payments, and how he was moving closer to having his dividends cover his cost of living. 

I don't know exactly what happened to the blog, but he sold the blog to some dudes, and now the blog (in my mind) is dead. I went from checking the blog every day to now only checking in once every 2 months. I don't even really know why I check it, maybe just to reconfirm that the site I knew is really gone. 

I haven't found a site to replace reading his. I more or less have filled it with watching Casey Neistat's video blogs every day on YouTube. Interests come and go, and reading Dividend Mantra wasn't something I was planning on giving up on anytime soon. I miss your blog, Jason. 




  1. He has never shared the real story of why he sold that site, but he must of been not allowed to start a new one until recently.
    He is now to be found here.
    He still posts his entire portfolio monthy and we writes for tradealerts which I have found to be good other than when he is hawking stocks. That kinda bugs me.

    1. I feel like he had a good thing going on his original site, and if the pressures of running the site got too great, I think everyone would have been fine with him posting 1-2x/week. Oh well :(


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