Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Get 1 Thing Done Per Day

Last fall I tried to get 1 thing done per day. I just ended up with a mountain of personal things to take care of, mostly with my former house, and it felt like I'd never get caught up. At that point I attempted to just get 1 thing done per day.

Currently, my checklist involves returning an item back to Amazon due to damage, faxing my insurance stuff, and cashing a check. None of these things are convenient. The return to Amazon and faxing involve a degree of uncertainty, because nothing ever goes as planned. (Faxing is archaic and stupid and I'm ranting).

I got the faxing thing done today, and I will keep trying to get 1 thing done per day. It is more manageable this way, and it should help me from having to much stuff pile up on me.

Ultimately, the ideal situation is to minimize these distractions in life, but it wouldn't be life without distractions.



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