Sunday, August 7, 2016

General Updates 8/7/2016

Minimalism - I've been doing better on keeping my kitchen de-cluttered. I've been making it a rule to leave no dishes at my table, and also to have 1 side of my sink completely empty. Yea, I'm lazy, and I'll let some dishes stack up, but I'm working on this.

Investing - I'm looking at GGP stock, General Growth Properties. I may look at buying this in the future. I'm also reinvigorating my interest in credit unions. I really can't deal with the limited hours of banks, and I know sometimes credit unions have extended hours.

Technology - No major updates here, still loving my phone and the unlimited data.

Conservation - I'll be buying some more efficient light bulbs soon.

Health - Walked over 20,000 steps today. I'm going to try and finish 3rd or better in my Fitbit work challenge this week!



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