Sunday, July 31, 2016

General Updates 7/31/2016

Hi Friends!

I needed to take a break from writing my blog. I was getting burnt out by my projects and the stresses we all have in life, and I needed a break.

It's time to start posting again!

Updates since the end of June -

  • I got a Fitbit. I got the Fitbit One, the small one that clips into your pocket. I really like it, and the Fitbit App is pretty cool too. 
  • My stocks have been chugging along, my Robinhood Portfolio is above $1,700. I haven't bought any new stocks. 
  • Pokemon Go was huge. I feel like it's "dying" a little bit, but in my opinion, it'll be a top game for a long time. 
  • blink-182's new album, California, has been out for a month. I've listened to it countless times. 
  • I've used the "unfollow" button on Facebook to my advantage. I now have less "crud" and pointless content in my newsfeed. 
So those are some general updates. Thanks for reading! I'll be posting regularly again.