Tuesday, June 28, 2016



The link above is to an (inspirational) comic. It basically said that with how connected we are, we see more bad stuff than we should. This comic really stood out to me, because I've been reflecting on what I read online, and it's really true.

I left a blink-182 fan group on Facebook because a lot of people in it were fighting and arguing. This was supposed to be a group for fun, and it was making me sad and anxious. I left the group and I've felt better since.

I catch up on politics on most week days, and that's full of wonderful news (sarcasm). I know any election cycle is bad, so I'll have to keep that in mind. Just remember that news/media are a part of corporations looking to make money. They'll use click-baity titles and shocking news titles to get you to watch and read.

So I'm going to unplug more. Maybe stop reading election news. Leave any forums/groups/online communities that are full of drama.



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