Sunday, June 12, 2016

Top Free Android Apps 6/12/2016

I have a concern with falling behind on technology. Due to this concern, I've been trying to keep up on the latest apps. I don't necessarily use all of these apps, but I'd like to be aware of what is popular right now.

As of 6/12/2016 on the Google Play Store -

1. Facebook Messenger - Not installed.
2. Facebook Moments - Not installed.
3. - Not installed.
4. Snapchat - Installed.
5. Facebook - Installed.
6. Pandora Radio - Not installed.
7. Instagram - Not installed.
8. GO Speed - Not installed.
9. T-Mobile Tuesdays - Not installed.
10. Chick-fil-A - Not installed.

I have 2 apps installed out of these 10. I currently have 58 apps installed on my phone. I am currently completing my 2016 Mission of having 100 apps or fewer on my phone.



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