Monday, June 13, 2016

Robinhood Update 6/13/2016

I haven't talked about Robinhood for awhile, and maybe that's a good thing. I'm very happy with the app, and I have 0 complaints. Since I've gotten my new phone with the fingerprint reader, it's a breeze logging in and checking Robinhood. It was already simple with a passcode, but the fingerprint reader is awesome.

I've really had no problems with bugs or glitches. As of right now, Robinhood is only available on Android or iOS. I imagine that the range of problems that the Robinhood Support Team has to deal with is narrow due to this "limited" platform availability. I put limited in quotes because there are very few people I know that don't have a smartphone.

I have great faith in the company, and it gives me hope that American companies can still innovate and come up with great products. This app brought trading to lots of people who couldn't grow their money with E*Trade or TDAmeritrade with their $9.99/trade commissions.

Like I said at the beginning, I haven't talked about the app a lot lately. The app works great and I'm a very happy and loyal customer. Aside from that, I don't have much to say!

Here is a link to their blog, in case you want to see what's new on their end!



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