Monday, June 6, 2016

My Former Career Story Part 3

In writing about my former career, I didn't really know how many posts it would take to tell the story. I feel if I expand this out over too many posts, some of the message will be lost. I will summarize and condense as much as I can into this post.

RECAP: I was in a job that was expected to take a promotion when one came available. The assistant to my boss was in a good spot to get my boss's job, and I was growing to dislike the assistant to my boss.

So the assistant did get the job and he became my new boss. This opened up the job for the assistant to my boss. The person that got this job was someone that I had limited interactions with, but knew this person to be unkind, selfish, and tried to make themselves seem more important than they actually were. We'll call this guy "Big Head". So Big Head became the new assistant, so their job opened up for me. I called Big Head before moving to the new facility to see how their file system was set up at the plant, because I needed to know where all of the files were saved at to ensure a smooth transition. Big Head didn't have an organized filing system, which is crucial to our job, and this was a HUGE red flag.

I moved to the new facility, moved to a different state, and uprooted my entire life. Big Head was told to spend time with me at the facility to ensure a smooth transition and to "train" me. The problem was, Big Head wasn't good at their job. One major example -

I specifically asked for a file that I needed to work on, which was saved on their local drive, and NOT ON THE NETWORK DRIVE, and they said it was my problem I couldn't access the file.

Big Head was a bully, and they intimidated me. They would shut the door to my office and intimidate me. They would sit between me and the door, so I couldn't leave. This person was not a mentor. Big Head would question everything I did, because they knew I was doing things the right way, and they were still doing things wrong, even after working at the company 1.5 years longer than me. My new boss wasn't much different. He would also intimidate me.

I wanted to quit 2 months into the new job. I didn't think I could because the company moved me, and I signed a contract saying that if I left before 1 year, I owed back moving expenses. My boss let me out of this contract early because he knew I'd be gone at exactly the 1 year mark anyways.

There were a lot of other factors that led to me hating my job, but here are some things I ultimately learned.

  • Be cautious of moving expenses and contracts. Be a minimalist to remain flexible and agile for relocating. 
  • Report any and all bullying/intimidation attempts to Human Resources/Personnel IMMEDIATELY. 
  • Keep the resume updated and keep connections fresh to keep an eye out for jobs. 
  • Set clear expectations with your boss, and also expectations with the boss on how interactions with co-workers should go. 
  • Do not be trapped inside a room with someone where there's no windows or door windows. This makes it so much easier to be intimidated. 
  • Choose a job or promotion only if it feels right. Do not ignore warning signs. 
I realize this is a longer post than I normally write. Thanks for reading. If you're in a bad job, just keep fighting and rely on your support system until you can find a new job. 



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