Thursday, June 2, 2016

My Former Career Story Part 2

If you're reading this post without reading yesterday's post, I'm telling the story of the job I used to have. It was such a bad experience, and it affected my health a lot, and I feel the need to talk about it.

Continuing on with the story, my boss worked at the corporate office, so he didn't actual work at the facility I was working at. While I was at the facility, the Plant Manager was my boss. My true boss had an assistant at the corporate office. For a week, the assistant came down to the facility I worked at, and spent time working with me. Previous visits from him had gone great, and I learned a lot from him. I enjoyed his company and he taught me a lot of things about the job. He came down to my facility for a week because the Vice President of Operations had assigned him to come down and help me work through a problem the facility was having.

When the Vice President of Operations asks you to do something, it's probably a good idea to do it. There was a lot of pressure to get results, and the assistant to my boss knew that. The assistant had a reputation for being mean and he liked to use the term "aggressive". This was aggressive in way that'll make people hate you, not aggressive in the "go-getter" kind of way. During this week, the assistant starting being more aggressive towards me. Towards the end of the week, I was tired of him, and he even yelled at me at one point. I had never been yelled at while being at work, nor had even come close to a verbal counseling or warning.

Feeling tired of him being around, I went to a meeting just to get some distance from him. When I came back after the meeting, he said "did you read (Boss's name) email?". I thought he was referring to a previous e-mail saying that I shouldn't be going to meetings, and that sole focus that week needed to be on the project (Again, I was getting burnt out and frustrated, so going to the meeting was actually productive in my mind). I thought the assistant was going to yell at me again. I read the e-mail, and it was an announcement from our boss saying he had taken a different job.

Right then and there, I knew that the assistant would apply for the boss's job, and that could start the chain of events, or the dominoes, that could end up with me getting promoted.

  1. Warning Sign #2 - My co-worker, the assistant, had a chance of becoming my new boss. This assistant was someone I was growing to not like, and was starting to feel intimidated by (intimidated in a bad way - like bullying/threatening/power intimidating). 


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