Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I've spent way too much money in the past few months. I've basically said "Screw it!" on food and spending, and now that I'm looking at the actual numbers, I need to make a change. I've tried tracking my own stuff on excel, and I never keep up with it. I'm going to try using "Mint" again.

Mint, https://www.mint.com/, will pull your transactions from your bank account and organize them into charts, and compare them against a budget which you can make. It's pretty much everything I'm looking for, except I'm using MINT, and their website, to log in to my normal banking site. I used to have Mint, and this is why I quit using them. I was worried my account information wasn't secure with them. There website security information looks pretty good, and let's be honest, with as much hacking that's going on these days, our banks probably aren't even that secure.

After looking at how much I've eaten out in the past few months, I'm putting a stop to this. Today, June 14th through July 15th, I will NOT eat out. Now, I'm usually not so rigid with these attempts that I'll let it affect me physically or mentally. If I absolutely need to, e.g. I'm out of town, or driving a long a distance, and the only thing that is around is fast food, I'll eat it. If I'm at home though, I'm going to eat food that I make in the kitchen.

Let's save some money, eat better, and lose some pounds!



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