Saturday, June 4, 2016

Looking at TV Apps

Tonight I'm going to talk about the following 4 apps: Watch ABC, CBS, FOX NOW, and NBC. I'm not going to go super in-depth, but I'm going to talk about things that I find important.

-- Layout looks good
-- Asked if I wanted to stream over 4G LTE data before playing
--Started with 1 advertisement before video started playing
--Tested out with Bachelorette Ep 1 with JoJo
-- HD quality is good over my 4G LTE data
--No account needed to watch (so far)

--Not thrilled with the layout
--Advertisement at the bottom of the home page
--Started with 35 second ad, started with picture of Galaxy S7 phone ad from Samsung, then an ad from Netflix.
--Tested out on Big Bang Theory
-- HD quality is good over my 4G LTE
--No account needed to watch free stuff.

--Layout is pretty good
--Took a little longer to load show
--No initial ad before show started
--HD quality is good over my 4G LTE
--Tested out on a Simpsons episode
--"Preview Pass" available for an hour once I started watching Bones, with a box at the bottom saying I should sign in.

--GREAT Layout, shows a bunch of shows on the main page
--Default setting was to watch only over Wi-Fi, had to disable before watching show
--Showed 2 ads before playing show
--Box popped up on the screen to "verify now" to continue watching. After clicking, it takes you to a point to log in with TV provider information.

Based off my short time on each app, I would say ABC is the winner and FOX and NBC are the losers. With the ABC app, I started watching Bachelorette and Fresh Off The Boat without having to sign in or getting a notifcation I was running out of free time. FOX and NBC are the losers because of having to sing in with an account to watch video.



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