Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm Happy

I'm going to do an appreciation post tonight. I have nothing majorly wrong with me physically right now. I'm feel 95% recovered from my concussion, although my head still feels weird sometimes :( My other aches and pains are pretty minimal right now. I have no major projects due and I feel good about work. I talked to a good friend tonight about his work situation, and feel confident I was able to give him some good advice.

It's also beautiful outside with no snow, so that is always good. My spending is under control since I put myself in a "No eating-out for a month" plan. I'm almost completely migrated over to my new phone, and it's working great. I don't know, I'm just in a good mood and trying to be grateful. Whenever crappy things happen, I regret not appreciating the good times, so I'm doing that now.

I've noticed recently that social media is filled with people trying to make a point. Politics, sports, movies, music feels like we're all trying to make a point. MY team did this. MY favorite movie is coming out. MY band is better than your band. I find myself "stuck" or "fixated" on this sometimes. What can I say to prove that MY stuff is better? What can I say to show people MY interests? I need to let go of worrying about this. People are so much more confident behind a computer screen, and I believe they become more argumentative online. I need to quit worrying about this. Letting go of this will add to my happiness.

Overall, very happy right now. :)



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