Sunday, June 19, 2016

Golden State Warriors

I love the Golden State Warriors basketball team. I'm very sad they lost the finals tonight. I became a fan after watching them in the playoffs/finals last year. I became a fan after seeing how well of a TEAM they had and how professional they acted. I was also very glad they beat LeBron James, who I haven't been a fan of since his big Miami Heat celebration.

I followed the Warriors all season long. I've never done this with a basketball team before. I stayed a fan, again from seeing the TEAM dynamic and their professionalism. So yes, a "band-wagon" fan, but I'm with Golden State now until Steph Curry retires.

I think I mentioned this during football season, but sports can require big commitments. These commitments can be in the form of time, money, energy, and mental energy. If I'm striving to be a minimalist, do I need to better balance my love of the Golden State Warriors?

If I don't watch basketball next year, I save myself time, save myself from advertisers trying to get my dollars to buy their stuff, I save myself from gossip on which player is doing what, and I save myself on potential frustration. I'll also miss out on fun and comradery with friends.

I don't think I was over the top this year with being a fan. I could have been a lot worse. I'm probably going to stop paying attention to basketball for a couple of weeks, then start paying attention again.



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