Saturday, June 18, 2016

General Updates 6/18/2016

Technology - You can now send text messages through the Facebook Messenger app. There are quite a few texting apps, along with internet-messaging apps, and now you can use both through the same app. I believe this is Facebook's way of making you use their product more than others. Now I'm just waiting for Facebook to implement their version of Snapchat, and I think Snapchat will be dead. 

I installed Pushbullet last night. Basically, with this app, I can send text messages through my computer, which is really awesome!

Health - I haven't been drinking a lot of pop, and in its' place I've been drinking carbonated water. I've also been preparing my own food, which will ultimately help me be healthier. 

Conservation - My plant didn't root, so now I'm going to try again to "clone" my plant. I've been told that if I put part of the vine in water, it'll start growing roots, so I'll have to give that a try! I want to grow a separate plant so I can bring the new one to my office at work. I think having a plant at work will make me happier :) 



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