Thursday, June 16, 2016

Credit Score Back on the Rise

House foreclosures definitely drop your credit score, as I have found out first hand. My realtor tried to use the drop in credit score to scare me into selling my house for less than I could afford. Maybe for my realtor, a drop in her credit score would have been the end of the world. For me, walking away from my house was also the end of the world for me. The end of a world that was full of sadness, loneliness, and being bullied. 

It felt great to quit responding to evil Wells Fargo. It felt great to block my realtors' number, since she tried calling me to sell my house after I pulled the house from the market. I took control of my situation. I decided what happened. My former house was the last thing keeping me tied to my old job and life, and now I can fully move on. 

Like I've said before, a credit score is imaginary. It's not a physical thing. Cash in your pocket (not getting technical into cash being legal tender in place of a gold system, or lack thereof) is a physical thing. I'm in a position where I can take a hit on the credit score. But even so, it's back on the rise. I'll see if the score continues to rise, and if it does, awesome. If it doesn't, oh well. 

In summary, the house foreclosure dropped my credit score, but it's already back on the rise. 



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