Saturday, June 11, 2016


The past couple of weekends I've cat-sat for a good friend of mine. My friend got her cat from a shelter, and the cat is so fun and loving. When I go to check on the cat, it's so nice when she greets me at the door and lays down for a belly rub (yes this is a cat, not a dog). I usually then check her water bowl and food bowl. After that I play with her toy mouse and let her pounce and "catch" it. After we play, we sit on the couch and I pet her and she usually takes a nap.

Whenever I see the cat, I remember that my friend rescued her from a shelter. It's a good deed that my friend did, and it's a good deed any time someone rescues an animal from a shelter. It's also good when people continue to take care of the animals after they rescue them.

There is a lot of suffering in the world for all living things. I reminded quite often that I need to help people and animals. The sooner we can take care of animals off the streets, the sooner we can start taking care of the rest of the animals.

The picture attached is when the cat was misbehaving a bit and was climbing on the cupboards! She eventually come down, but it took a lot of coercing!



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