Thursday, June 23, 2016

Appreciating Running Water

Don't take running water for granted. I was reminded of this today. I came back to find my apartment to find that the water wasn't working. I got a notice saying it was going to be shut off for part of the day next week for maintenance, so I was concerned that this was happening so soon. I'm currently without running water, but the maintenance staff made accommodations with me to use a neighboring, empty apartment, to use the sink, toilet, and shower.

I feel I'm pretty grateful for my current living conditions, considering what I've been through. I've lived in some pretty crappy apartment situations before, and I don't believe I've been unappreciative of my current place. It's still a nice reminder to be grateful for having running water. It's surprising how much we rely on running water. I can't do laundry, wash my dishes, use the toilet, take a shower, or wash my hands. It should be fixed tomorrow, so at least it's a short term inconvenience.

We should probably all use less water anyways. I'm sure we've all heard the statistics on water usage for showers, and how showers use a lot of water. It seems that every few months we get news of an impending water crisis, and then the news goes away. My water being turned off also reminds me that I should get a disaster kit ready. I need to get a kit with batteries, flashlight/s, hand-crank radio, water, canned goods, and a first aid kit.

So yea, I'm definitely not going to take running water for granted again.



P.S. a new blink-182 song came out today! I really like it!

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