Saturday, June 25, 2016

Appreciating Life

I got some news last week that my 17 year old cousin has a brain tumor. The scan came back to show that the tumor was benign (so the tumor is "harmless"). My cousin was having bad headaches and went in to the doctor to see why, and now we know why. My cousin will have to have major surgery to remove it, and it's very scary to think about. 

I trust that the doctors/surgeons will do their best. I trust that they'll use the best and most trusted methods to remove the tumor. I'm hesitant to say that I'll pray concerning this situation. I don't want to talk about religion a lot on my blog, but it seems counter-productive to pray to a God who let this tumor happen. Tumors and cancer is terrible for everyone, but children getting cancer? Come on.... that's especially terrible. Give us a chance to live our lives before health issues take hold. 

Things like this can and do happen all the time. This is a huge reminder for me to appreciate life and go and do things that I want to do. 



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