Monday, May 23, 2016

Video Blogging

I am going to video blog (VLOG) every day for a year. I've been recently inspired by Casey Neistat - Casey posts a vlog every single day. I look forward to watching his videos and it's really fun to watch.

I'm also inspired by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) and Thomas Frank, founder of College Info Geek.  They both have very successful and informative blogs/YouTube channels. My biggest thing is that "they can make videos, and so can I". My videos won't have the fancy cameras and lighting and professionalism, but they'll be real and HUMAN. I'm not saying their videos aren't, I'm just saying mine won't be super polished.

I'm sure the topics I talk about in the video will overlap with what I type about, so don't feel the need to both read and watch. If you read my blog, I want to say "Thank you". I have maybe a dozen of real life friends that read my blog, because I have chosen NOT to share my blog on Facebook or anything. So for the most part, it's people I don't know in real life reading my blog.

If you want to watch my videos, you can go here -



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