Sunday, May 29, 2016

Top Free Apps on Google Play Store

This post is going to be about the top 15 FREE apps on the Google Play Store. My video blog, see below, is related to this blog post.

At the time of writing this, here are the top 15 FREE apps and whether I have them installed or not -

  1. Facebook Messenger - NO - installed it on my BRAND NEW GALAXY S7 EDGE and it slowed it down. 
  2. Snapchat - YES - I have friends who communicate by snapchat more reliably than texting.
  3. Facebook - YES - Regrettably.... I like the live stream feature.
  4. GO SPEED (Clean & AppLock) - NO - I see no need for it.
  5. Pandora - NO - I've never been a fan.
  6. Instagram - NO - But I will have it on my new phone soon.
  7. Color Switch - NO - I play Clash of Clans, and that is a big enough distraction of a game.
  8. iFunny - NO 
  9. Spotify - NO - Used to use Spotify, but now I pay for Google Play Music.
  10. YouTube Music - NO - Not sure how this is different than Google Play Music.
  11. Netflix - YES- I have Netflix and the app, just haven't used it much on my phone in the past few months.
  12. Google Photos - YES - I encourage you to look at this app if you don't have it. 
  13. WhatsApp Messenger - YES - I wish more people used it!!!!
  14. Clean Master - NO - See #4
  15. - NO
So out of the top 15 free apps on the Google Play Store, I have 5 installed. How many do you have installed? How often do you use them?



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