Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Phone (for now)

Today I got a new phone! I got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I really like it, BUT, there's one thing that I really don't like. The Edge. It's super reflective and super "glare-y". This is one thing that I was not expecting. I chose the Edge over the regular S7 due to the size and the larger battery. I'm half-tempted to return the phone because I think the glare is really going to bother me.

This is why I have a tough time with spending money. I feel like every purchase I make, I end up regretting. (Side note, it really makes me appreciate my Chromebook, because this is one device I've never regretting buying).

I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow about it. On a positive note, by making monthly payments on the phone, I got to keep unlimited data. The Verizon store said I use on average 37 gigabytes/month, which is hilarious to me. I don't think I use that much, and I've always questioned Verizon's method for pulling data about data usage. I don't know if that look at 12 month average or what.

So I was super excited to get this phone, and when I got to my car to leave the store, I noticed the glare. So....we'll see what happens.



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