Thursday, May 26, 2016

Issues with a Simple Errand

A blogger/YouTuber that I follow, Thomas Frank ( recently put out a video about putting an end to being late - In the video Thomas talks about the planning fallacy. I ran into this problem tonight as I was trying to drop a package off at the UPS store.

Here are the issues I ran into tonight -

  1. Printer was printing funny, so I had problems printing off the UPS label. 
  2. I didn't have packaging tape to seal up the box. 
  3. Drove to the store to get tape, ran into road construction. 
  4. Took 2 minutes to navigate since the road construction was at my turn to the store. 
  5. Lady in front of me at the check out was taking extra time to check out. She didn't have her rewards card so they looked her up by phone number.
  6. Another lady was walking real slow out of the store (It was at this moment that I took a breather and realized I needed to be thankful I could walk).
  7. Driving from the store to UPS, I was tailgated by some jerk. 
  8. Tailgating Jerk tried to pass me as the road shifted from 2 lanes to 1. 
  9. Tailgating Jerk continues to tailgate me.
Once I actually got to the UPS store, it was a super easy process, and the worker was SUPER nice. (Good job UPS, I'll have to take a look at your stock). 

I realize driving anywhere takes a lot of time, even if it's a "quick run" to the store. Even with knowing this, all of these things I ran into seemed to be over-amplified burdens because I was trying to get to the store before it closed. 

I think this post ultimately comes down to minimalism. The fewer things we have, the fewer extra trips we'll need to make and the fewer issues we'll have to deal with. Even in the evening as I was running this errand, the streets were super busy. Maybe people are getting ready for the holiday weekend? I don't know. I would much rather be at home than driving around, wasting gas, wasting patience, and wasting money on stuff. 

I need to keep working on my planning skills, and continue to think purchases through. 



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