Monday, May 9, 2016

College Move Out

I'm seeing a lot of college graduation photos from friends on Facebook these past few days. Living in the residence halls during college is what spurred my desire to work towards minimalism. When you live in a residence hall that's on the third floor, that doesn't have elevators, and is at least a 3 hour trip back home, the need to cut down on items is crucial.

I never was able to figure out how to cut down on my items, and was always envious when I saw someone's dorm room that was tidy and clean. The worst part of having a cluttered room was the negative effect on studying. I always was able to procrastinate studying by decided I needed to clean my room. (I think this was also paired with having a major I didn't like).

Once you leave your parent's house, or the house you grew up in, moving back in is tough too. Making space for stuff that hasn't been in a house for potentially 9 months can be hard. I always struggled with which assignments or papers from classes I should save. Will I use these for classes next year? Will I need them at my first job out of college? I personally found the answers were "sometimes" and "no", respectively.

College move out is a nice reminder why I started working towards minimalism, and even though I'm not moving right now, I should be in the mindset that I am. If I sort through my stuff and make decisions on what to "move" and what I don't need, I'll be better off for when I move again.



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