Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blocking Phone Calls

In the process of the bank foreclosing on my house, an automated computer was starting to call me frequently. I looked up the number online, and many other people said this number would call them, not say anything, and then hang up. It was Wells Fargo's attempt to make it look like they were reaching out to their customers when they actually weren't. Like I've mentioned before, when I tried calling Wells Fargo, I couldn't get through. When they want to talk to me, suddenly I need to be available to talk.

I had a post a while back about having a choice. I refused to get these calls from Wells Fargo. I went into my account settings on my Verizon account and blocked this number. When you block numbers directly through the Verizon account, you do not see any attempts of the number trying to call you. Nothing pops up saying the call was blocked. This provided me peace of mind.

Now I'm not saying that people should forego their debt/loans. I tried and tried to work with Wells Fargo on alternatives to foreclosing my house. Wells Fargo was insanely difficult to work with. At some point, you have to let go. I stopped attempting to sell my house and walked away from it. My mind was made up, and a stupid automated calling system wasn't going to draw me back into thinking about my house.

If you have an annoying caller calling you, look up in your account settings on your cell phone provider to see if you can block the number directly. It's a great feature.



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