Tuesday, May 31, 2016

$7.99/lb Ground Beef

Ground beef is expensive, and it got super expensive with the drought that hit the south a few years ago. With less water for crops, there was less food for cattle. I recall some ranchers sending their entire herd to slaughter because they couldn't afford to feed them. This resulted in the "Supply and Demand" effect, supply went down, so demand went up.

I can't buy regular ground beef anymore. There aren't many options for buying ground beef in a grocery store, but I can't buy from the big stack of ground beef tubes. I know it's hard to tell from the packaging, but that ground beef comes from a big name supplier/meat company. I've worked in the meat industry, for a big-name company, and I refuse to buy big-name meat anymore.

The ground beef I buy now is local, and the cattle are never confined. I tried to be a pescatarian (not eating meat, but fish is OK) for a couple of months earlier this year. It was too hard, and I wasn't feeling well from it. I try not to eat pork, I'm reducing my consumption of chicken, and I'm OK with beef. Since the beef I buy isn't coming from a big-name company, it costs a lot more. The ground beef I buy is $7.99/pound. I'm OK with this.

There is a lot of shuffling that can be done with the grocery bill to allow me to pay twice as much for ground beef, so the money isn't an issue. For me, it's principle. I've still reduced my overall meat consumption over the past nine months, and this is probably better for the earth. I'm not giving up meat completely, but I feel good about not buying big-name meat.



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