Wednesday, May 25, 2016

+10,000 Steps Today

Day after day I see Tim,, tweet that he completes 10,000 steps a day. It has been motivating for me, and also demotivating. It is motivating to see his consistency and dedication. It is demotivating because I know how little I've been doing for exercise. Well today was different!

After I got off work, I intentionally walked ~1300 steps to get to 5,000 steps. I almost took a nap after that, but a friend wanted to hang out, so we want any shot some hoops. After I got done running around, I had over 11,000 steps! It's quite the accomplishment for me, and I felt the need to brag...I mean...tell Tim about it.

I think if I break down my steps throughout the day, I could turn this into a regular thing. If I get 2,500 by lunch, and then 5,000 immediately after work, along with 5,000 more in the evening, I could probably do 10,000/day.

I feel pretty good about the steps, and I'm also happy that the days are currently so beautiful outside and I get to enjoy the fresh air.



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