Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sustainability Struggles

I struggle to think about what I can do to help the earth. I know what should be done, but it's tough to actually make things happen. Throwing stuff in the trash is a lot easier than recycling it (most of the time). I like to take showers longer than I should. I run a fan at night for noise, and that could be considered wasted electricity (although it helps me sleep, so I don't care).

Thinking long-term, what would sustainability look like for the average person? Ideally, this is what it'd look like for me -

  • I'd wake up in the morning and take a shower with water that was heated by a solar panel on my roof.
  • I'd go to work in a self-driving car by Google, that knows to come pick me up every day. I would not own this car, but would pay per use. 
  • I'd be able to recycle all of my lunch items, and compost any leftover food waste.
  • I'd ride home in a self-driving car by Google. 
  • I'd make dinner with vegetables grown from my own garden, or neighborhood community garden.
  • I'd play video games using electricity from a local community solar panel co-op. 

Some of these things will take time, infrastructure, and a culture change. We can speed these items up the more we're involved in it now. 



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