Tuesday, April 12, 2016

No Alcohol for 1 Year

I've successfully gone 1 year without drinking any alcohol. I was never an alcoholic, but after drinking too much at a retirement party for a co-worker, I decided I was done. It might be uncommon for someone my age to not drink alcohol. To be honest, I feel great about it. I feel more authentic and true to myself. There have only been a few times in the past year where it's been tempting, but other than that, I haven't been interested in drinking alcohol.

There are three things for this blog that not drinking helps with.

1. Minimalism - I need less storage for the actual alcohol, beer/wine/shot glasses. Less clutter with cleaning up these items too.

2. Investing - Alcohol is expensive. I'm saving money that I can use to buy stocks.

3. Health - Fewer wasted calories.

I am going to continue not drinking alcohol.



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