Saturday, April 30, 2016

Investing Update 4/29/2016

I was tired of holding Disney stock. I sold it. I was tired of not having my 2016 stocks purchased. So I bought them. I'd like to give a shout out to Robinhood - I've really never had any problems with the app, even on my old phone. I'm so glad I don't have to $9.99/trade anymore.

Click this link to see my current portfolio, and all of the stocks I added this week!

Year-To-Date Update

1/1/20164/29/2016Change since Jan 1st
Robinhood Portfolio Value$607.87$1,590.09$982.22
Money from my pocket$550.00$1,475.00$925.00
Gains/Realized & Unrealized$48.08$97.11$49.03

Robinhood Portfolio Value = (Money from my pocket) + (Dividends) + (Gains/Realized & Unrealized)


I received one dividend this week from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) stock. I received a dividend payment of $0.57.

Stock Purchase

I bought a lot of stocks this week, and I now have 27 stocks in my Robinhood portfolio.

26 stocks * 4 dividend payments/year = 104 payments
1 stock * 12 dividend payments/year = 12 payments

Total = 116 payments/year.

 365.25 days/year / 116 payments/year = 3.14 days/payment.

This means that on average, I'm getting a dividend payment every 3.14 days. That's neat!

2016 Investing Missions

  • Purchase and hold 25 different stocks that pay dividends: 27/25 - 100% Completed!!!!!!
  • Receive $75 in dividends: $15.09/$75.00 - 20.12% Completed. The year is 33.06% completed, so currently, I am not at the pace needed to complete this yearly Mission.

You can click on the investing tab or here to see what stocks I currently have in my Robinhood portfolio.



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