Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I've finally decided between Wunderlist and Google Keep, and the winner is Wunderlist. I used this app/program religiously 3.5 years ago and I'm getting back into it again. I use Google for a lot of things, so it made sense to try and use Google Keep. For day-to-day things and for work tasks, I'm going to use Wunderlist. I just like it better for managing tasks. For long term tracking (like my weight), I'll still use Google Keep.

I'm working towards being one of those annoying people that gets stuff done, is proactive, and stays ahead on things. I'm still a very lazy person, and this is just a way to get people to leave me alone about stuff. I don't want people "following-up" with me and wasting my time. I'm just going to get stuff done so people will leave me alone.

My only concern with Wunderlist is that I see an option to upgrade. This of course is a way for Wunderlist to pay the bills, and as a company providing a service, I can understand this. I just don't want to add another subscription service to pay for. I hope I won't need the extra features that I would have to pay for.



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