Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I went to a wedding this past weekend. I'll be honest - I don't really like weddings. My reasons for this come down to pretty much two things: being uncomfortable and the cost.

We'll start with being uncomfortable. This is due to clothing. I usually have a hard time finding clothes to wear for a wedding, because previous dress clothes I've worn usually don't fit me when it's time for the next event. I then have to go shopping for new clothes. Being overweight gets expensive. I was also never really taught what's the right attire to wear at weddings. Do I change clothing based on the season? Do I wear a tie and suit jacket? I still don't know, and to be honest, I still really don't care.

So what's my response to this? As I'm striving towards minimalism, I should probably get three different dress-clothing sets. A black, brown, and blue set. As a man, I have the luxury of being able to wear the same outfits repeatedly and not worry about it. If I get neutral ties to wear, then I'm pretty much set. I should consider those three outfits my uniforms for any type of special occasion. I should also lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, as this will reduce having to buy different/new clothes.

Let's move on to cost. This next part is going to make me sound really cheap, just an FYI. There are tons of costs going to a wedding. Clothes, housing for pets while you're away, gas, hotels, wedding gifts, eating out while you're away, etc. There are also calorie costs. I usually eat pretty crappy when I'm traveling. Weddings are supposed to be fun. Like everything else in our culture, they've gotten bigger and more extravagant. 

My mom said she remembers weddings where the ceremony was upstairs in the church sanctuary and then the wedding would go downstairs to the church basement for the reception. She said the reception was punch and cake. Simple. Easy. Minimal. 

Ok, Mitch, we get it...You don't like weddings. You're a scrooge and you don't want to celebrate the big day with your friends and family. I will continue to go to weddings, and I will continue to support my friends and family. If I ever get married though, I'm not going to have a big wedding. I'm not going to ask for wedding gifts. I won't be getting married right out of college and be needing pots and pans, small appliances, towels, and dishware to supplement the transition from college to the real world. I'm already in the real world, and to be honest, wedding gifts will just add to all of the "stuff" I have. 

Right now, if I have any say in my future wedding, here are my plans. The wedding invites will say something along the lines of "We don't wish to receive any gifts. Please use the money spent on gifts to fund your trip to the wedding or donate to X charity/organization." The reception will probably be at the same place as the wedding. There's enough driving and travel to get to weddings, so I don't want to drive anymore than is needed.

So there it is. Weddings are about sharing moments with family and friends and I want to maximize enjoying this moments in the future. I want to minimize things that keep me from enjoying weddings.



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