Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Uninstalling FB App Update

Happy March!

I've now gone two months without having the FB app on my phone - (http://www.bloggingmitch.com/2015/12/treating-facebook-like-aol-instant.html)

I have not reinstalled the app and have only considered it a couple of times. I considered it once when I was having trouble sharing a YouTube video and also when a new friend sent me a friend request, and I had to wait to accept it.

I've enjoyed not having the app on my phone. It saves a lot of space on my phone and I'm not being a phone zombie scrolling through my Facebook feed. I think I enjoy FB more when using it on my computer, and I think I am having more quality interactions too.

I've just recently understood the appeal of Snapchat, mostly with posting stories. It's pretty much a visual Twitter. I will say my Snapchat usage has gone up with uninstalling FB, but I don't feel as much of a phone zombie while using Snapchat. I think part of this is because I mostly have people I want to see on Snapchat compared to Facebook. I've had Facebook way longer than Snapchat, so I have a lot of friends/connections just to maintain the ability to keep in touch with people.

I will continue to keep Facebook uninstalled on my phone!



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