Saturday, March 5, 2016

New Phone this Week

I'm hoping to get a new phone this week! My current phone can't go more than probably 4 hours without needing to be charged. I could order a new battery, (I have a Samsung so I'd be able to change the battery, unlike an iPhone), but I think I should just get a new phone.

I'm actually half tempted to go back to a dumb-phone. I've been really thinking about when I was a kid and comparing that time to now. I didn't have a smart phone when I was younger, and I somehow managed to survive. I think it'd be really nice to go a whole day without charging my phone (maybe even 2 days). I don't think I'd check my phone as often either, and I'd save a lot of money.

My reservations with going back to a dumb phone comes down to pictures and communication. I'd miss out on group messages, which can be important when planning stuff. I think for a lot of us, the number of pictures we've taken has gone up 1000% since we got smart phones, and I don't want to miss out on important or stupid photo opportunities.

I would consider this a "minimalist" move to go back to a dumb phone. I think it would simplify my life. I would probably get a nice tablet to still be able to use Robinhood and other important apps, and event with that purchase, I think I'd come out ahead money-wise.

I'll let you know my decision this week!



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