Monday, March 7, 2016

New Laptop

I bought a new laptop today and effectively ended my March shopping ban. When your job and overall productivity depends on being able to effectively and efficiently use Microsoft Office, I didn't really have a choice. Using Office on my iMac was decent, but I just really needed something that I was familiar with. I was decently impressed with Windows 10 when I updated it on my old desktop, so I was more on board with getting a new laptop.

I got a HP brand windows laptop, since I've had a lot of success with my HP Chromebook. The laptop is nothing amazing, but it'll get the job done to get my job done. It is going to be a pure work laptop. I'm uninstalling any bloatware/games, and will only install things that are necessary to get work done. I could have used Microsoft 365 on my Chromebook, but again, it's not quite yet to level I need it to be at (although it is almost there).

It's nice to have a Windows device again (it kind of pains me to say this). Microsoft has done a great job of setting themselves up as a "standard" or as "the norm". I still love my Chromebook and am less thrilled with my iMac as each day passes. I think I'll like my new laptop more than my iMac in a very short time frame.

I'm not going to give up on the shopping ban, but I did effectively break my Mission today.



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