Monday, March 21, 2016

Looking Down at My Phone

I see so many people that just don't look happy. I see people walking, staring down at their phones, and when they look up, they look stressed. I understand in the hustle and bustle of the day people have a lot on their minds, but I still think a lot of people are generally stressed. I feel like the general consensus in our culture is slowly shifting towards "Who cares what other people think?". 

As much as I want to jump aboard this train, I don't think it's true. Our attachment and obsession with checking our phones tells me otherwise. We still care very much on what people think. We need to be connected to other people through our phones. We get anxiety when our phone batteries die.

I try to be happy and I've been trying to appreciate little things. I've been doing a better job on this in the past 8 months since leaving my terrible job. I know this sounds cliche, but a lot of the big things we're worried about, really don't matter in the long run. People are still so inwardly focused, that you shouldn't worry if you said something stupid or looked stupid in front of someone. Chances are, they weren't paying attention that closely. 

I still need to work on not checking my phone as much, and this is one of my 2016 Missions. I also need to do a better job of trying to be encouraging and supportive of co-workers/friends throughout the day. I know life sucks sometimes, but try and find some humor in things. I can find humor in most things and am constantly laughing (either vocally or on the inside). 

Don't use your phone as an escape away from your bad day. Turn the phone off and go talk to someone, have some laughs, and move on. 



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