Wednesday, February 10, 2016

YouTube Red

YouTube premiered original content today. This original content is being categorized into "YouTube Red". You have to pay a monthly subscription for YouTube Red, but I am able to access it because I pay for a Google Play Music subscription. 

Aside from the technicals of who can watch YouTube Red, this is great news for cord cutters. I love that non-traditional companies are making original shows/content. Netflix is doing this, I believe Amazon is, and now YouTube (Google) is too. If you have Hulu, know that you're still supporting NBC, Fox, and ABC. I think Hulu's pricing plan is crap, and I'll never pay for it. I don't think you should have to pay for a service and still have commercials. 

YouTube Red is creating competition for the market, and competition is great for us consumers! The big cable companies do not dictate how we watch television anymore, and I love it. Consumers want choice, and we decide when/where we watch television. The big cable companies couldn't accept this fact, and that is why they are going to lose money to YouTube and Netflix. 



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