Monday, February 8, 2016

The Ground is Lava

I can't be the only one who throws clothes on the floor. Yes, it's a bad habit. Yes, it's a sign of being lazy. Yes, it makes life harder for figuring out which clothes are dirty and which can be worn again. But at the end of the day when the only priority is going to bed, being lazy and throwing clothes on the floor is justified. 

Pretending the ground is lava, and jumping on furniture to avoid the floor is a fun game. I would still play, but I don't want to break my chair or couch. I will use the premise of this game to keep my apartment picked up and tidy. If an object doesn't have legs (furniture legs, bed frame), the object isn't footwear, or the object isn't a clothes hamper, it can't be on the floor.

Ok Mitch, cool story, but it's probably easier said than done. I will utilize existing shelf, closet, and cabinet space to fit my stuff. If there isn't room, I will get rid of some things. I also want to look into getting a coat rack, as Minnesota warrants many layers. A lot of my jackets/coats end up hung over my chair. 

That's my plan and that's my Minimalism Mission for the week! 



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