Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Robinhood Instant Update

Robinhood Instant is on its way! I looked at my phone this morning to find updates related to it. There is a new tab/section on the app for Robinhood Instant. When I click on it, it tells me my place in line. When I checked this morning I was about ~1,800 in line out of 15,000 people. When I checked this afternoon, I was ~3,000 in line with 80,000 people. People can move up the waiting list by referring friends.

I'm excited for this update because I think it'll bring a lot of new users to Robinhood. The more users that come to Robinhood, the more money the company will make, and the better service they can provide to the users. This will also make ETrade and TDAmeritrade work harder to satisfy consumers, which is a positive for all of us.

I knew this update was coming soon, but I didn't quite know when, and my guess was early March. I'll have to wait and see how fast I move up the line, but hopefully by next week I'll have Robinhood Instant access.



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