Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Projecting my Dividends for the 2016 Year

When I made my 2016 Investing Mission of receiving $75.00 in dividends, I didn't really plan this number out. I just figured $75 was a respectable amount to work towards. Just considering the money I have in my Robinhood account, reaching $75 is not obtainable. If I factor in the money from my other brokerage, this Mission is obtainable!

I went through every single stock I plan on buying and projected out the dividends I'll receive.

Below is a link to a google doc where I projected these dividends out.


By these projections I'll receive $74.18 in dividends. I was conservative with my estimate, so I don't think I'll have a problem reaching $75 in dividends.

Owning stock and watching the market swings can cause worry and concern. I have fewer concerns when I make plans and projections like this. The key word to this is "projection". My actual dividends aren't going to be exact to this projection, but it should be close.



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