Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Planning Fallacy

I'm not 100% sure if the situation I'm going to describe fits in the exact definition of "planning fallacy", but that's what I'm titling this post anyways. I had to give a presentation tonight, and I wasn't foreseeing any major problems. I even got to the room I was presenting in 30 minutes earlier to get set up and prepared. Well, there wasn't a computer in the room, just the cords to hook up a computer. I needed a computer for my presentation which was on power point.

I wasn't even mad, because I've done enough presentations to know that something would go wrong. I was just more mad at myself for not scouting the room out sooner. I figured 30 minutes would be enough time. The presentation still went well though. We had enough laptops for everyone to see the video I was trying to show. I will just have to plan better next time.

Technology is so cool and awesome. It's the few times like this that annoy me. Printers and projectors can be so frustrating sometimes. I'm almost to the point of just owning my own projector and all the necessary connection/adapter cables to make sure I can present regardless. I might even get my own backup generator in case the power goes out -_-

For real though, I will need to plan better next time. I've proven to myself that making a set plan with buying stocks has helped me to stay focused and reduces worry. I need to plan better in other areas of my life as well.



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