Monday, February 29, 2016

March 2016 Missions

I don't really enjoy tracking and doing things by "months". I feel it makes time pass too quickly and I'd rather focus living day-to-day. Regardless, I'm going to track two things for the month of March.

  1. I won't be drinking pop or coffee with a ton of creamer. There are a couple of exceptions though. If I need to drive and need a caffeine boost, I'll drink pop or coffee with creamer.
  2. Shopping Ban: Outside of basic necessities (food, toiletries, prescriptions, etc.), I won't be buying anything new. 
I'm kind of bummed about not being able to drink pop, and I think this'll be the hardest part. Hopefully Robinhood Instant comes out soon to keep me preoccupied. I should also be exercising more now that it's getting warmer out to keep me preoccupied. 



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